...... So Easy 

Personalized Flower & Gift Deliveries

All Occasion

All Occasion Flower Delivery & Custom Gifts


Our company name says it all:

Know What you want- Get what you want

Flower Delivery & Custom Gifts


all year long!




Rose Deliveries

that are selective


  • Choose Your Freedom Rose Bouquet

    • One- or more- dozen fresh red roses! 

  • Choose your delivery options

    • Three options for flowers

      • Single- one time delivery

      • Recurring- weekly,bi-weekly, monthly

      • Local- multiple cities at reduced cost

Easy Flower Selection!!

Easy Gift Personalization!!


Gifting products

that are customizeable 

  • Choose Your Product(s)

    • ​local, nationwide flower deliveries

    • Essential oils singles, collections

  • Choose your Add-on options

    • vase, stuffed toy, confections

    • advanced shipping dates


To Order roses: 

select your bouquet(s)

one dozen, two dozen, four dozen (or more!). 


select single or recurring flower delivery

single, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly


provide delivery details nationwide shipping_ no additional cost 

To order gifts:

Choose your product(s) 

Essential oils, add-on options


Choose retail or, membership

Retail: add oils to cart 



provide delivery details nationwide shipping_ no additional cost



the All Occasion Flower Delivery
 app for android devices
on google play

Our Business is to Ensure that sending

Beautiful Red Rose Bouquets 

& Personalized Gifts is...

Easy AND Affordable!!




        Same Day Deliveries Availale

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