Every Good and Perfect Gift...

...is from above


What is the Gift

...is from above and cometh down from the father of light of whom there is no variableness nor turning of shadow.  JAMES 1:17

At All Occasion, a great amount of value is placed on gifting as a means of displaying affection, commemorating achievments & demonstrating thoughtfulness.   It would be repugnant not to share with YOU the very best gift that has ever been.  The gift is an life in abundance (john 10:10) Free gifts which no amount of money can buy:

 love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance (Galatian 5:22-23)

but wait, there's more

For the here & now AND later your needs can be met. Another gift, from god above, is life eternal(Romans 6:23).  Did you know that there is a place being prepared Just for You right now?! (John 14:3)

How to obtain the gift

The gift can be easily received by simply accepting God's word as true (John 14:6), and believing the gospel of Jesus the Son of God (John 11:26).  

Try speaking to God right now:

"Lord Jesus, born into a world of dark sin, and in need of a savior, I accept the gift that you have for me. Cleanse me from darkness, and give me life everlasting.  Thank you, Lord. Amen."



How to use the gift

Concerning spiritual gifts, continue to use the abilities that you have been granted (1 corinthians 12).  Did you know that you are "...fearfully and wonderfully made:..." (Psalm 139:14)? YES!  You are specially gifted to accompish tasks unlike anyone else.   Use your abilities to serve your saviour Jesus, and bless others.


Who else has this gift

The Lord Jesus "...is not willing that any should perish..." (2 Peter 3:9) Your friends, your family, your colleague can all receive the gift freely!  In fact, consider your primary objective to be seeking every opportunity to share the message of the gospel with EVERYONE you meet.


How can I learn more about the Gospel?

Some ways to grow closer to your new best friend, Jesus, is to speak with him all throughout the day, read his word (The Bible), and seek a congregation of like-minded believers- usually a nearby church.  You will know the truth of the message if it is in perfect sync with God's Word (the bible).


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