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Prepare Garden for Rose Delivery Valentine's Day

December 1, 2016


                                     The winter months are upon us!


We are all aware of the holidays that fall this time of year- from Thanksgiving and Christmas right up until Valentine's Day and Mothers Day. Oftentimes this will mean additional travel plans, overnight guests, custom gift-buying, food preparation- more than are customary for other times of the year.  Rose delivery services thrive with all of the ongoing activity but, apart from your local florist, for most it may become less of a priority to set apart any extra time for the gardening that we typically enjoy; however,


We Mustn't neglect our Flower Beds!


During this especially busy time of year,  your ability to send a custom gift rose delivery for all of your loved ones come Valentines Day is determined by whether o not your gardening tasks are kept up.  While allotting the time to drift away from the day-to-day may be exactly what is needed to reset and find balance, any novice florist can enjoy their flower delivery method of gardening while that balance is maintained.  And during these months, you will actually find more time to relax in your garden than labor- assuming that you have kept up with your garden chores for the past few months.  


Check through some of the duties listed below to be sure that your gardening tasks are completely up-to-date and that your garden will continue to thrive during the winter months up through Valentines Day and Mothers Day when you can at last prepare that long awaited custom gift flower delivery!



By the way,  these tips are for gardening zones 7 and 8:

Here is a zone indicator map that you may find useful


(click for larger view)


It is our intention at All Occasion Flower Delivery Service to include tips which are 3-6 and 9-11 zone-specific.  Undoubtedly you will find these tips to be useful regardless of your current zone:


So follow along!


Annuals, Perennials,and Bulbs

  • IF you have been winter forcing bulbs

    • continue to moisten & store in darkened area

    • when root systems have formed, transfer to indirect light (inside)

    • after about one week, transfer to direct light (outside) 


Shrubs and Trees

  • Don't forget to water!

    • shrubs & trees located under eaves, or larger evergreens, may not receive adequate rainwater

  • Protect tender flowering plants from the cold

    • ex:Rhododendrons, Camellias, Azaleas and Daphne

    • use ground stakes- blanket, burlap, sheet should not touch the plant

  • Take Cuttings

    • cut from new tip growth

    • keep in brightlight- about 70 degrees(F)

Lawn Care

  • Stay Off Frozen Grass



House Plant Care

  • Sponge the leaves of 'waxy' plants

    • ​ex: Philodendrons, Rubber plants, and Palms

  • Spray with room temperature water 

    • velvety, textured,or non glossy plants

  • Provide extra humidity

    • ​group plants together

    • place moisten pebbles under pots


referenet: http://www.thegardenhelper.com/calendar/december.html  


Do you have a real talent for keeping plants alive and thriving during the winter months? 


Share YOUR experience or tips!

                                                                                                                       Amanda R. Sutton

Florist & Custom Gift

Delivery Specialist



 All Occasion Flower Delivery Service


























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