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7 Money Habits of Financially Wealthy Christians

January 18, 2017


The majority of us could likely name at least a few debt-increasing habits- many of which are relative to compulsive spending, poor investing, or even faulty savings goals.  Although expenses can represent things to remember; to send flowers with online delivery is less costly when budgeting is an issue.  It is likely that the majority has rarely, if ever, taken the time to evaluate financial habits such as these and determine exactly what changes could bring about positive results in the area of finances.

        What better habits are there for us to implement in our own lives, than those identified as beneficial to

some already wealthy Christian men and women... and then join their rank?!    After all, each of us would prefer additional cash to send flowers and personalized gifts to loved ones! 

     Below, you will find some identifiable habits of wealthy Christians, which promise to achieve and sustain the financial freedom from debt that anyone would desire for added comfort and peace.


                             Healthy Habit #1 Live Below Your Means

This may entail giving up a compulsion to shop.  Instead of purchasing the infinity necklace, fossil watches for women, or heart locket- learning  to live on just slightly less than you can actually afford really is a key wealth building habit.  Curtailing long term financing options, or restricting those nickel and dime spending patterns is crucial.


                              Healthy Habit #2 Pay God First

The commitment to allot a specific  amount of income for tithing is one way of building wealth for that heavenly kingdom, and eternal future. According to Matt 6:20-21 we are to store up a ‘heavenly treasure’; bearing in mind, that after all, here on earth is where moth  and rust does corrupt.  There is no sterling silver necklace, sterling silver bracelets, birthstone jewelry, or even any engraved awards in the world that can compare to those true riches ahead in heaven above.


                              Healthy Habit #3 Pay Yourself Second

By paying yourself, a certain amount of money is allocated to savings- where it can be spent in a methodical and calculated effort using wealth building strategy.  Also by accumulating capital, the need to borrow funds or long term financing is eliminated: thereby saving face – and interest!


                              Healthy Habit #4 Be Self-Funding

In other words: avoid debt at all costs in order to establish greater cash flow. Payments and interest eat up additional funds, which would otherwise be allocated to savings; therefore rely only on current cash and return on investments. Financial independence and self-reliance can only be achieved by resolve to remain free of new debt. There is no cheap custom alternative for self sufficiency.  Relying on God to supply your needs and to give sound financial wisdom is needed.


The Lord provides the will, and means, to do His good pleasure Phil 2:13


   Healthy Habit #5 Invest without Assumption

There are undoubtedly risks associated with any investment; however, you may notice that some risks carry higher stakes. While building a healthy financial portfolio, risk to assets with any less than a sure return on investment is not advisable.  Alternatively, consider a more slow but sure investment course.


                             Healthy Habit #6 Control your Habits and Hobbies

Some would say that we are “creatures of habit”- and that may be so. If we do find that our habits inhibit what is God’s best for our lives or the lives of those around us though, then changes must occur.  The same goes for our recreation time and hobbies.  Are these activities cost prohibitive, time consuming, or energy draining?  Then it could be time for a change for ‘Healthy Habits’ sake.


                              Healthy Habit #7 Persevere and Keep a Positive Outlook

The road to a healthy financial future may be bumpy, but it is imperative that any detours bring you right back to the road leading to your success.  Make goals, and, by keeping those goals in sight strides will be gained toward a wealthy [not-so-distant] future.

 Also remember: Success need not be defined by monetary wealth.









What financial habits have helped

you to be to be free of debt?  

Have you achieved greater wealth?



                                                                                         Amanda R. Sutton


Delivery Specialist   



 All Occasion Flower Delivery Service


























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