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ROSES! Fun and Interesting Facts

December 6, 2016

 Rose Topic:

Fun and Interesting Facts


The genus Rosa are subdivided into four subgenera. 

Roses are family to about 100 species

varying in color, size, preference to climate.

Tea roses are the most common


Roses have prickles- NOT THORNS!

Thorns are more deeply rooted under a plant surface,

prickles,because of their shallow roots, are more easily removed


Most popular flower in the US!!

[according to a survey of over 30,000 gardeners]


The national US flower since 1986!!

Official flower chosen by four US states:

Georgia, Iowa, New York, North Dakota


The first president, George Washington, was an avid rose breeder; he named a variety after his mother Mary Washington


There are many hidden meanings:


Pink ~ Grace

Peach ~ Modesty

Orange ~ Fascination


The Most Ancient and Adored!

The Guinness Book of Records lists roses

as the oldest cultivated and decorative plant


Follow the embedded links above for more detailed facts





Do YOU have any interesting facts to add?


Share YOUR experience or tips!



                                                                                      Amanda R. Sutton


Delivery Specialist


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www.bombayoutdoors.com/garden-ideas/garden-roses, Nancy Wallace, Garden Roses: My Favorite Rose Types





















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