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So You want to preserve your roses?

December 30, 2016




At All Occasion Flowers and Custom Gifts, our goal is to keep our customers in fresh red roses all year long.  The purpose of this article is to assist in your goal for preserving your red rose bouquet by presenting some of the factors involved with choosing a project.   So whether you have recently received a beautiful red rose bouquet from a loved one, sent a bouquet of roses to someone you love or- yes, this is quite common- have purchased one time or recurring red rose deliveries from our company for yourself, then you may be interested knowing what considerations exist when determining  how to preserve your roses. We know at All Occasion Flowers and Custom Gifts, after all, that every occasion can be a special occasion. 

          Preservation methods are oftentimes used for keeping your bouquet for varying lengths of time for the enjoyment of its beautiful appearance.  One other reason for preserving an entire bouquet may be of a more sentimental cause, because truly not only is a diamond forever.  There are also many uses for roses that are more practical in nature.  Whatever the reason for preserving your bouquet of flowers, you can be assured that these flowers can continue to provide the benefit & appeal that was intended from the date of delivery.

          First of all, while the entire bouquet- including petals, leaves, and stem- will at times be the preserving objective and may include a number of flowers which will assemble a bunch, other preservation projects aim to only preserve the petals themselves.  A further look into to various uses for preserved roses will allow you to better determine how much of the flower, or how many, will be needed for your project.

          Next, which method for preserving your roses is used, and how fresh these roses are at the start of the process, will very much determine the outcome of your project.  For instance, match in original color or scent should be considered when deciding what method is the most suitable choice for your project, and, when to begin the preservation process.  A greater amount of time between when your red rose delivery is received, and when you have chosen to proceed with your project, does have some effect on the resulting preservation outcome. 

          Another factor which will greatly determine the resulting outcome of your preservation process is relative to the preserving medium of choice.  A number of chemicals, powders, and solvents have been tried and tested with outcomes and preferences that vary, even slightly, giving precedence to one choice of medium over another.  In some instances, a certain effect is preferable or even necessary to reach a project’s highest potential.

          Finally, when choosing an appropriate preservation process, consider the additional time, resources, and skill needed to achieve success.  Some projects may require several more days or even weeks to complete- still others may require more than attempt to achieve the desired results delaying time for completion even further.  Further considering the ease, or difficulty, of locating and purchasing the materials needed to reserve your roses will also indicate the effort involved in completing the project.

          While the process for preserving your roses can involve varying levels of difficulty, making important decisions and planning your project in advance will help tremendously.  How much of your red rose bouquet to preserve, the desired project and method used, and time taken to begin your process as well as time until completion are each important details to consider when determining your preference for extending the life of your red roses.  The skill and resources needed are additional considerations, while both can be acquired with some diligence.

          At All Occasion Flower Service and Custom Gifts, we proudly offer a wealth of informative resources relevant to your red rose deliveries.


We are available to offer support in varying degrees so visit www.allredroses.com often for continual updates. 

Feel Free to comment, respond, and question our team of floral consultants and site visitors!!




Have YOU completed  preservation project?Have your own tips or ideas? 


Feel Free to share!


  Amanda R. Sutton


Delivery Specialist



 All Occasion Flower Delivery Service
























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