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How To Create a Beautiful Rose Bouquet

May 16, 2017




Create a Beautiful Rose Bouquet


Forming a beautiful rose bouquet with can be achieved with a little planning and effort using just flowers and binding material.  By planning ahead and choosing quality materials, any rose bouquet arrangement can be easily created in just minutes. Fresh quality roses, rubber band, hand clippers, a hand towel, and water are all that is needed to begin.

Prepare the roses

  1. First, choose one dozen beautiful roses for your bouquet.  Clean the stems one at a time by wrapping the towel around the bottom portion and pulling downward all the way to the bottom ending at the bottom of the stem. Repeat as needed.

  2. Next, once the height of bouquet has been determined, use gardening hand clippers to cut the stem in a 45 degree angle at the desired length.

  3. Then, observe each rose bloom for vibrance.  There will be guard petals around the rose bloom, usually darker and unsightly in appearance which can- and should- be removed.


Arrange the bouquet

  1. Begin with a vertically aligned rose in the left hand, and select each remaining beautiful rose one at a time while slightly rotating the bud toward left-facing horizontal alignment.  Placing the rose against the previous rose and turning the bouquet, build your dozen red rose bouquet.

  2. Once done, use the rubber band to bind the bouquet.  Holding the roses with left hand, and while pinching band with same wrap with entire band around the rose stems once or twice (depending on size of rubber band).  On final wrap, bring up remaining band to secure.

Preserve the bouquet

  1. Every fresh rose bouquet can be further sustained with water. Prepare a clean vase with water that has been treated using two drops of bleach, one aspirin, or a prepackaged solution.

  2. Once the roses have been placed treated water, a cooling refrigerator will even further extend the life of a beautiful rose bouquet if presentation is not imminent.



Creating a beautiful fresh red rose bouquet can be achieved with adequate materials and planning.  Finding fresh red roses is the first step toward making a beautiful bouquet to be proud to present.  Preparing the roses includes cleaning each stem, cutting the stem at an angle, and beautifying the rose bloom.  Arranging the bouquet involves a rotation technique, then binding together. The beautiful red rose bouquet can be further preserved by placing in a container of water and cooling.


Have YOU created a Beautiful Rose Bouquet?



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