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Card Making Tutorial: Embellishments

March 30, 2017

Card Making Tutorial: Embellishments


Custom Cardmaking Intro

Wide variances of embellished design are used in the cardmaking craft and are certain to deliver amazing results for the card’s recipient.  The types of embellishments used in cardmaking are so numerous and varied that as far as the mind can imagine, the look can be achieved.  Most any material, bling, or adornment may be applied and used for exceptional cardmaking technique.



Using satin, cotton, or silk all acceptable materials for cardmaking décor.  Each of these can be shaped or folded in order to display its print and texture, but purchasing ready-made to apply materials is an option as well.  Paper crafting applications are also common.  These may be in the form of stickers, miniature origami, and crafting foam to name a few.  While the choice for an appealing combination of materials is determined by the cardmaker, with experience, coordinating abilities will become more enhanced. 


The shimmer and shine that can be added to cardmaking design may come in the form of glitter, rhinestones, craft foil or, perhaps some other bling and will typically add appeal that is not easily overlooked.  Glitter can be applied using liquid or stick glue- and as with all embellishment types- it is best to remember that ‘less is more’.  Similarly, the use of rhinestones can be added as a shimmery touch but these can be purchased with application-ready adhesive; alternatively, most adhesives will work depending on the rhinestone’s size or weight.  Finally, craft foil is an excellent addition to a card’s design as there is very little bulk or weight, and, forming most any shape  can be easily achieved.


Custom Cardmaking Embellishments- conclusion


The type of papercrafting material chosen, ranging from satin to cotton to paper, will create unbelievably unique cards when care is taken to design with these elements with regard to coordination. Glitter, rhinestones and craftfoil to create shimmer and shine and are also commonly used.  There are very few limitations when choosing to embellish a custom design card. 


What are your favorite cardmaking embellishments?





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