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Card Making Tutorial: Using a ruler to Score

April 25, 2017


Card Making Tutorial: Using a Bone Tool to Score


How to Easily Score using a Bone Tool


Custom Card making


Every and all occasion of the year is a great time to personalize it by custom card making.  Every custom card begins with a great fold and sharp crease.  This should not at all detract from the personalization gift design, but instead will become the formation of any great custom card.  Using your scoring tool of choice, non selective paper type (card stock recommended,) and flat surface or cutting mat this crease can be made in just moments. These gift creations can be personalized for any event or holiday- even well in advance- making the best customized gifts to give. 


Personalize it with Tools


Custom gifts of cards, or other cool custom things, are achievable with some swift training in the use of personalization tools.   A bone tool for example may be used, and is highly suggested with card making techniques.  The picture below is a rudimentary plasticized tool, commonly called a bone tool, for a custom gift card making project.




This tool allows the gift creations a more sharply defined crease at the  folds. Using a paper medium of weight 65 lb cardstock rigidity for your custom gift making  greeting card is suggestable, and 100 lb is preferred. 


Personalize it with Skill

To form a sharp crease and create gifts of with a bone tool using cardstock, a small amount of ‘know how’ and a little practice is required. Basically, there are three maneuvers that are commonly used with the boning tool in any card folding personalization.  The tool is used for scoring, folding, and creating a crease once measurements have been taken accurately for the choice custom card design.

Scoring with a ruler is discussed at this link. 


     To accomplish the maneuver for scoring along your straight edge ruler, press your tool down firmly and glide the tool along your ruler in a steady motion.  This can be repeated twice, or more, if desired.  The picture below is demonstrative.



     Making a crease along the score line fold can also be accomplished with a bone tool.  Folding along your tool is a helpful tip for those cool custom gifts of personalized cards that measure under 6” in size.  This can be previewed below.  In the picture, a boning tool is being used to create gift fold lines without need of another straight edge i.e. ruler.  This maneuver is a perfect technique for personalized gift tags- creating the very best customized  gift! 


     By rotating the tool 180 degrees, with the flat side against the paper press and glide the entire length of the folded scoreline.  The picture above shows this firm press by using the bone tool.  The fold should  remain sharp and straight, any personalized gift creation of custom greetings can begin with a skillfully creased card fold.

picture here


The very best customized gifts are often in some skillfully crafted design.  These gift creations can be further personalized with a design custom card.  Using a bone tool, a card maker can create a neat fold line crease by scoring, folding, and creasing cardstock.  These features reflect skillful customization.



What are your favorite gifting tools?





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