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Gift Personalization Tutorial Series Introduction: part 3

February 28, 2017

Gift Personalization: Tutorial Invitation Extended

Final call we’re heading out!

Personalized gifts-

Our upcoming crafting schedule!

There is so much to learn about customizing gifts, that even getting our course underway takes a certain amount of time dedication.  The intended schedule for learning some basic customization techniques is set at a pace that allows time to learn, practice, and then apply each new skill by completing one or more projects.  While you may find many of these techniques to be rudimentary, failing to attain these skills, will hinder performance for completing your projects, or in the more advanced techniques to come.  Each customization category will entail the necessary techniques for learning the skill on a beginners level.  The categories will consist of five techniques that I have found to be most useful, and each category should take about two weeks total to fully learn.


customization technique categories

At last we will discuss the categories of customization techniques for our series of upcoming projects. These techniques will encompass our primary goal for learning to create unique personalized gifts for any occasion.  You will find that these categories include customization techniques that can be applied to such a wide range of projects which will easily transform living spaces, work spaces, and common items of regular use.    This list shows the category that each series of tutorials will present and, with these categories in mind, some techniques that will be learned during



 each categorized series:

  • Cardmaking

    • Standard Card Sizes

    • Card Folding  and Scoring

    • Paper Cutting

    • Adhering

    • Designing

  • Glass Etching

    • Glass Types

    • Stenciling

    • Etching Techniques

    • Etching Design

    • Common Errors

  • Image Transfer

    • Transfer Types

    • Medium Used

    • Common Supplies

    • Transfer Design

    • Common Errors

  • Candle Design

    • Candle Types

    • Customization technique

    • Fragrance enhancement

    • Optimal Design

    • Colors & Scents: induced senses

  • Stencil making

    • Medium used

    • Cutting tools

    • Applications



      optimal Design









      common Errors


Customization Supply list

The upcoming weeks should be full of excitement as we delve in to learning and applying these techniques for gift personalization that will carry us through a lifetime of holidays and events of unique gift giving!  A list of supplies will be provided throughout our course of learning.  Prior to each course in the series' offset, we will examine various resources and tools expected to be used.  Please freely share your ideas on tools, techniques, and yes: Even Hacks that are relevant to our discussion!  


What are some of YOUR favorite go-to crafting tools? 





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