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Choose the Best Gifting Adhesives

May 13, 2017


Choose the Best Gift Adhesive


Gift Creation Adhesives

Customization skills for gift creations will not only require some time and attention, but also supplies & tools for many personalized projects to come. Among these are an entire variety of adhesives for all occasion gifting items which require a skillful customization design. Liquid, spray, and stick, are each forms of adhesives with differing characteristics and able to be used interchangeably. Dependent upon the material used for a custom project, as well as the weight of that to be adhered, choosing an appropriate gluing method can be achieved.


Liquid Glue

When your customization gift necessitates the use of liquid glue, consider the strength of your adhesive bond. A customization for paper size of 60lb or greater, this type of glue can be useful. Maximum coverage cannot always be achieved with this glue type apart from additional project tools; however the bond works quite well. A lesser amount of liquid glue can complete nearly any task efficiently.


Spray Glue

The best customized gifts use variances of adhesive supplies. Spray glue can be used for a great variety of gift creation materials; often for the best custom things. Rounded, pointed, or edged objects are excellent candidates for spray adhesive. The spray is capable of reaching any surface base not easily reached by a stick of glue, or evenly coated by liquid glue.


Stick Glue

Any gift creation could call for a glue stick, depending on the customization preference. In order to find the best customized gift for any occasion in need of touching up, stick glue can be used. The glue is easily applied, dries quickly, and can be taken anywhere. Many sizes can be found, including jumbo size for those larger gift creations. The best customized gifts will sometimes require a variety of glue types.


Liquid, spray, and stick glue are each glue types that are capable of bonding a variety of material depending on the type, weight, and dimensions of the custom gift project.



What glue type do you find useful for a variety of projects ?





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