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Follow Along! Gift personalization tutorial intro: part 2

February 25, 2017


Gift Personalization

Follow along now we’re on our way!


Personalized gifts

begin the creative journey


Why we’re on the journey!

Men and Ladies: this I-for one-am grateful: that YOU have chosen to follow along with our online guide to personalized gift giving!  So why are we moving forwa



rd in learning to create personalized memorable giftsgifts for mom, gifts for dad, childrens gifts, unique personalized gifts of all types after all?  This I can easily explain from my own perspective, but each of you likely have your own reasons. The most special gift that I have received  in  times past were truly custom personalized gifts.  Similarly, some of the very best gifts that I have given were gift creations that I had taken my time and talent to prepare .   Each of us makes choices on how our time is spent with each passing day and hour- whether working, playing, or doing nothing at all a choice is being made as to whether we invest in ourselves or others.  By setting aside a small amount of time each week to hone our skills and talents for gift making, we begin to see an investment in ourselves and others being made.


What will we be doing?

No doubt as a reader you are wondering to yourself just what is being suggested that your additional leisure  time is to be spent on, which could bring such joy and satisfaction to others as well as yourself.  Apart from the many ideas and custom things that you will share in time to come, and our path taken to expound further on those- I have the following suggestions in place for starts:



Each of these customization arts for gift creations are highly favorable and valued by practically anyone that you will meet- in fact, I can tell that you are getting just excited as I have!!


How will we be doing it?

Each of these artworks can be taken to levels of skill that I personally would like to more deeply develop in time to come.  As a group, we will find that forming ideas and sharing projects will quickly become not only habitual, but highly regarded.   It is recommended that you become aware of the usefulness of a vinyl cutter- similar to a printer- as we will explore the wide range of functions that one does provide.  In the meantime, a computer, printer, and some very basic supplies found online or at your local craft store-which you may not have considered using in the past- will be of primary necessity in order to best follow along in learning to create unique personalized gi.fts on your own

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January 22, 2018

January 21, 2018

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