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How To Purchase the Perfect Flower Bouquet

April 10, 2017


How to purchase the perfect flower bouquet


Considerations prior to purchase


The perfect flower bouquet purchase will have a number of determining factors. These factors are relevant to the cost of your flower arrangement, the size of your bouquet, the floral choice, and any additional flower purchase items such as a vase, plush toy, or confections.  The perfect flower bouquet may include any variety or combination of these, and below you will find some further considerations of each which you may be inclined to choose to enhance your bouquet gift.


Cost of a Flower Bouquet

Price ranges can be dramatically varied based on the type of flower arrangement chosen, and floral choice is as widely available as the range of price .  A red rose bouquet is typically a higher costing bouquet arrangement, and these arrangements are often priced by their class and stem length.   Demand for a particular set of flowers can influence cost as well, such as during certain holidays (for instance valentine’s day or easter). A low cost flower bouquet would be easily grown, in abundant supply, and in particular, grown local to the region of purchase.


Size of a Flower Bouquet

The choice of the desired floral bouquet will ultimately affect its cost.  Of course, a high end floral choice will be much smaller than a low end flower bouquet choice- at purchase.  The buyer will also find that greenery fillers of leather leaf or gyp will add value and visual appeal to your choice of arrangement.  It is not uncommon to enhance the size of an arrangement by combining various flower sorts. Arrangement size can be increased, visual appeal enhanced, and cost will be minimized by limiting the number of flower cost flowers in any bouquet.


Flower Bouquet add-ons

Often a buyer will wish to add special sentiments to an order of flowers.  These additional features allow for special gifting items which can be presented along with the flower bouquet purchase.  Some examples may include- but are not limited to- plush toys, confections, or perhaps a card.  Very few flower shops will offer custom gifts as add-on features, check online flower stores for availability.


Considerations for bouquet purchase

While the cost of a floral bouquet is affected by any number of factors, at least three considerations must be taken prior to purchase.  The cost of a bouquet is determined be class, demand, and availability.  The size of a bouquet will influence cost, but an arrangement can be manipulated to fluctuate the cost by combining classes of flowers.  Finally, additional purchase items suc h as plush toys, confection, and possible customized gifting items are additional costs to consider.  Each of the cost influences are able to enhance on d personalize your flower gifting intention, an online flower shop is an ideal choice for purchase.


What is YOUR favorite add-on gifting item?

plush toy, confections, custom made card?



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