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Red Rose Bouquet Sizes and Styles

March 6, 2017

Rose bouquets Sizes and Styles 


Various sizes and styles of blooming flowers are available to suit your needs.  The need for an online flower delivery purchase are as varied as the styles and sizes from which you’ll choose, so it is important to know what options are available and where to buy flowers


Rose Bouquet Sizes


Roses can be purchased by the stem count which are commonly distributed as a single rose, by the dozen, half dozen, x2 dozen (double dozen), or, some florists will offer wholesale pricing for orders of these blooming flowers of more than 48 stems or so.  The stem count of your beautiful rose purchase will depend on financial investment capability of the consumer, as well as the statement to be made i.e., simple, elaborate, over-the-top. 


Rose Bouquet Styles


The arrangement style of your order of roses will vary- again, according to financial capabilities and flower store of your choice, but also according to the event or for presenting purposes.  Some roses will be arranged as just flowers in a standing bouquet with intention to last from several days to more than a week when placed in a container of water.  These bouquets may, or may not, have added greenery to enhance their fullness and lush appearance.  Another style of bouquet is known as handheld because the recipient can very easily hold the arrangement for enjoyment of its beauty, aroma, and fashion ability.   Lastly, the boutonniere, as well as coursage, is typically a smaller arrangement of beautiful roses of not more than a few flowers.  Both can be worn as a fashion sense, and are presented and worn during certain events or holidays.


      The types and styles of rose bouquets available for purchase can vary.  By consulting with a knowledgeable florist within the local or online flower store of your choice, your needs can be met and the arrangement that is best suited for your need can be provided.  Beautiful roses by the dozen are common; however, these orders can be divided or doubled- even quadrupled- depending on your desired purchase for blooming flowers.  The arrangement of your rose purchase can range from free standing bouquets, to handheld bouquets, or, boutonnieres and corsages. 


Have you Chosen a Rose Bouquet that suited your need perfectly with the help of a knowledgeable florist?  



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